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Cosmetic Bleaching

In office bleaching utilizes Rx strength peroxides, high intensity light, and tissue protecting barriers to oxidize and reduce stains out of the micro pores of enamel with no damage to the natural tooth structure. Teeth temporally become more sensitive until the natural insulator protein coat (pellicle) reforms (1 -4 hrs.) on the teeth. Teeth can lighten up a little to a lot depending on stains involved (results vary).

ZOOM! 1hr. Case 1

Before Teeth - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Teeth - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
ZOOM treatments are performed in office to protect your gum tissues. Special resins are applied in order to protect tissues outside of your teeth. A high concentration peroxide activated by a high intensity light is applied multiple times to the teeth to remove stains.

ZOOM! 1hr. Case 2

Zoom Treatment Before - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Zoom Treatment After - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
"My teeth look great! Zoom works!"
Ryan O. Tampa Fl.

Implants For Missing Teeth

Before Implants - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
After Implants - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Losing a tooth is an awful experience but the problem can be resolved with implants. This patient suffered a traumatic blow to the face knocking his front tooth out. An "immediate" implant was surgically placed at our office. Six months later, it was restored with a permanent crown. The patient was happy with the results and that it was accomplished without bridgework. A composite tooth was bonded in to serve as a temporary over the six month healing period.

4 Implant Bar Supported Lower Over denture

Claude came to our office with difficulty chewing with his existing dentures and lower tooth pain. After discussing treatment options, we decided on a lower fixed bar over-denture, removing his lower troubled teeth, and a new upper denture. This treatment offers a lot stability when chewing due to the way the bar and denture snap together. All the components are hidden when the dentures are in place, so it looks very natural.
Pretreatment panorex x-ray showing decayed teeth, failing dental work, and radiographic markers. This x-ray is important to plan implant placement.
Xray - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Post treatment panorex shows implant placement in lower jaw!
Fabricated prosthetic components and articulated case.
Post permanently cemented into implants and prepared for permanent cementation of bar prosthetic.
Bar permanently cemented to post.
Picture showing bar prosthetic and over denture relationship with over denture being snapped into place.
Exploded illustration of case
Claude P. Mayaka - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
“No more tooth aches and chewing is easy. The dentures stay put!” Claude P. Mayaka, FL.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This patient had gum disease, decay, old filling, and spacing issues! After listening carefully to his concerns, and doing a detailed exam with x-rays, we discussed treatment, cost, and time frame. Treatment was comprehensive evolving detailed cleaning of teeth, periodontal surgery, fillings, and ceramic crowns.
Before Decay - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
After Decay - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Shane A. Bushnell - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
"Dr. Castellano did a great job!" Shane A. Bushnell, Fl

2 Implant Lower Over Denture

Grace came to our office with difficulty chewing with her lower denture. After discussing treatment options, we decided on placing 2 implants with attachments to be used with an over denture. This is an economical way to stabilize a lower denture and is very esthetic. All implants and snap ring components are hidden. Since the denture is mostly soft tissue supported more care to relines of the denture base is needed for optimal stability over the years in use .
Lower Jaw - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
2 implants healed in the lower jaw with "male" ball attachments.
Snap Ring keepers Installed - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Lower over denture with "female" snap ring keepers installed.
Denture Attaches to Implants - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
This picture illustrates how the over denture attaches to the implants.
Upper Full and Lower Full Denture - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Upper full and lower full over denture in patient's mouth. Attachments are all hidden and they keep the lower from floating. This is a lot more stable than having no implants.
Basic illustration of case.
Grace P. Tampa - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
"These new snap on dentures look nice and work good! Dr. Chris did a great job!" Grace P. Tampa Fl.

Full mouth implant reconstruction

Jonell came to our office after years of struggling without teeth. Full dentures interfered with her gag reflex, were uncomfortable to use, and kept falling out. After an exam with x-rays, we decided on implants with fixed bridge work to restore her lost teeth. This process involves placing implants in the upper and lower jaw, leaving them unrestored for 6 months until they are healed in, and then doing the restorative dentistry to build the teeth on them. We modified her old dentures for temporary use over this period until we completed her case. Start to finish this case took about 8 months.
Pre-treatment Panorex - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Pretreatment panorex (no teeth)
Post-op Panorex - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Post-op panorex with implants
Finished close angle - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Finished close angle
Finished wide angle - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Finished wide angle
Collage Picture of Teeth - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
Jonell S.  Sun City - Local Dentist in Riverview, Florida,
“I couldn’t be happier with my new smile! Dr. Castellano did the whole job from start to finish. I felt right at home with him and his staff all the way through. I love my new teeth! They look great! He did a nice job!” Jonell S. Sun City, Fl.

Cosmetic Rehabilitation

David came to our office concerned about his dental health and looks of his teeth. He had been struggling with chips, cavities, cracks, missing teeth, occasional tooth aches and was avid soda drinker. We discussed his goals, did an exam, and considered treatment options. We decided on a comprehensive plan to get him healthy and improve the appearance of his teeth. Treatment evolved cleaning, fillings, bridge work, crowns, and cosmetic restoration of the front teeth with all ceramic crowns.

During treatment we discussed:

• His diet as it relates to his teeth and overall health.
• Recommended oral health care products and gave him hygiene tips to maintain his dental health better at home.
Regular cleanings and exams as preventative measures to stay healthy.
“He is great at explaining things. The cosmetic rehab was first class. I felt right at home!” David M. Riveview Fl.


"Dr. Castellano is a fine and honest man. He is great dentist. I never felt better about the look and feel of my plates."
Tom S. Bradenton 1998

"I had a broken front tooth. I was in a panic. I'm very picky about the way I look. Since I love to smile I was concerned whether or not the tooth would ever look the same. Dr. Castellano was very kind and very patient in cooling me off. He took his time fixing the chip. When he finished and I saw what he did I was amazed! The tooth looked as good as it always did! He is really a perfectionist!"
Patty B. Sarasota Fl. 2000

"Dr. Castellano is great! I'm able to chew food as hard as bricks and have no problems! The implant denture he made me works fantastic. All my work was done here. I love him, but my wife hates him because she says I eat too much now! If he can't do it no one can! I refer everyone I know to him. "
Angelo B. Riverview, Fl. 2006

“Dr. Castellano is one great dentist. He took his time and listened. He has a great eye for detail. I couldn't be happier with my teeth. They look great and no one knows they are false. My wife says they make me look younger." I recommend the Dr. to all my friends."
Herbert G. Bradenton, Fl. 1999

I have taken several of my children, ages 10 to 15, in to Dr. Castellano for regular cleanings and cavity fillings. Dr. Castellano did several fillings and crowns for me. He is very approachable and an excellent care provider. He gives clear information about what he sees and what care plan he'd like to implement for each patient. My children love to go to him. His "bedside manner" puts them and me very much at ease.

We feel that we receive excellent care at Dr. Castellano's practice. His office is clean and professional, yet very comfortable, welcoming and pleasant. The staff is always friendly and greets us as we come in the door and take us through the appointment; billing is clear and understandable. Dr. Castellano treats both children and adult patients with equal dignity and compassion and is not rushed or impatient. He is knowledgeable about which procedures are needed and the best methods to use, and willing to explain everything he recommends.

Dr. Castellano was recommended to me by a neighbor, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking friendly, excellent, and compassionate dental care.
Laura Hunt, October 08, 2012, Riverview, Fl.

”It went well. The doctor was very friendly. He had a beautiful office filled with antiques. He does treat more than one patient at a time which can be good or bad. Bad because you may have to wait a few minutes, good because he can fit you in if you have a tooth ache. His staff was very nice and his prices were reasonable.”
Betsy Verhaegen, 3-01-2012 Riverview Fl.

“Dr. Castellano has been my dentist since I was in middle school. I am now 25 years old. He has done exams, cleanings and fillings over the years and Zoom Bleaching one time. I have never needed any major work due to seeing him for my checkups every 6 months. Everyone always says I have a beautiful smile and white teeth.

I was greeted as soon as I walked in the door. The staff here is very friendly. The wait for the doctor was minimal and my most recent exam led to one filling and a cleaning. I got everything done on the same date. The doctor was very nice and professional and the work was preformed quickly.”
Summer Smith, 09-28-2012, Riverview, Fl.

“Dr Castellano is great. Very thorough and takes his time to ensure the patient is comfortable and knows what he is doing every step of the way. His staff is friendly and knowledgeable as well. My wife had a crown redone and an implant by Dr Castellano. She said the experience was much better than she expected. Dr Castellano ensured she was comfortable and she knew what was going on during what would normally be an uncomfortable procedure. I would highly recommend him.”
Jerry Evans, September 28, 2012, Riverview, Fl.

"Having used Dr. Castellano in the past, and having a very positive experience, I decided to take my daughter to him when we noticed a small cavity on one of her front teeth near the gum line. Setting up the appointment was quick and easy. We arrived a few minutes early, and they called her back right on time. The doctor did a full exam including x-rays, and filled the cavity for her. The work was flawless; you can't see anything at all, even if you look close up. Very, very pleased with Dr. Castellano and will definitely use his services again.”
Steven Salwin, Riverview, Fl. June 05, 2012

“It was very good. He is very professional. He went out of his way to try and take care of me.”
Tim Berry, 2-13-2012, Riverview, Fl.

"Thank you, Dr. Castellano for 'fixing' me when i came to see you and for being so nice. Thank you to your staff! They are really nice people. Keep all of them lol."
Marge Saia, 3-11-2015, Riverview, Fl.

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